A few months ago, I was watching an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta and Porsha presented her boyfriend with a “baby-nup”.

At first, I thought the baby-nup was a terrible idea. What was Porsha thinking? Did she really have the babies best interest at heart? Are baby nups real? Is Porsha the first person to think of baby nup?

Apparently, the answer is NO, Porsha is not the first person to think of a baby nup. There is an entire website dedicated to the Babynup. According to the website, the baby-nup is “whatever you make of it,” and is different for each family.

“The concept is to allow unmarried parents to come up with an agreement so there is a clear understanding of the parents intent to raise their child should their relationship status change and/or they become unable to work together”.

That makes a lot of sense, but Porsha’s baby-nup is still very questionable. I do not think her expectations were realistic or fair.

As parents-to-be, even if you’re not signing an agreement, you should still discuss certain things before the baby arrives.

Here’s a list of things my lover and I discussed before the baby arrived:

1. Name
2. Money
3. Work
4. Support System
5. Childcare
6. Parenting/ Home-care Duties
7. Discipline
8. Religion/Spirituality
9. Sexual Orientation
10. Vaccinations
11. Circumcision
12. Complications
13. Life Insurance
14. Guardianship
15. Therapy/ Counseling/ Parenting Classes

What topics would you discuss before your baby arrives?