One month ago I QUIT MY JOB (September 2017)

I wrote my resignation letter in July 2017 and read it over and over for an entire month. My decision was made, but it was difficult for me to send the email. I was prepared to quit, but I was nervous (actually petrified) about my next step.

After reading a bunch of blog posts about people who left their jobs to chase their dreams I could never relate. I never read a post and thought YES… THIS IS ME. THIS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL. IF SHE CAN QUIT, SO CAN I. 

A lot of posts were about how someone was bored with their job, did not feel appreciated, did not make enough money (or made too much), was in the wrong field, hated their boss/coworkers and/or, was feeling stifled. That was not my story.

So, why couldn’t I just step out on faith? Why was I so scared to press send on the resignation email? Did I have what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur? Did I save enough money? Was I making the right decision?

I questioned myself non stop and eventually put quitting my job on the back burner. Actually, I went from quitting my job to getting a promotion (crazy, I know).

About a year ago (November 2016), my life changed and I was faced with having to choose between my dreams and my job.

Why I finally quit?

The reason I finally quit my job is simple. I became a MOM. 

My desire to stay at home with my son outweighed my desire to work outside the home. I could not imagine having to spend so many hours away from my son before he even turned 3 months old.

Not to mention, my work schedule and the cost of childcare (I call it baby rent) made my decision even easier.

What took me so long to quit?

If I had to pick one reason for me not being able to quit it would be, I WAS SCARED…


Of course, I was scared to lose my sense of security, steady income, 401k, medical insurance, and all the other “benefits” that come along with being an employee. When I finally had time to reflect I realized being scared was the easy answer.

The REAL reason it took me so long to quit my job is because I actually liked my job.

My job was very fulfilling. I never felt like I was stuck. I worked in an environment where my ideas were always welcomed, I had a chance to use my creativity and, there was room for advancement.

I was not making a lot of money, but I lived within my means. I was able to save, take care of my responsibilities and enjoy my life.

As I had time to reflect, I realized I enjoyed my job. I was good at it and that made it so much harder to leave.

How I prepared to quit?

The day I found out I was pregnant, I knew quitting was inevitable. From that day on I not only prepared for motherhood, I prepared to quit my job.

  • I paid off a lot my bills, cut my budget down to the bare necessities and SAVED A LOT OF MONEY.

  • I spoke to loved ones about my decision and took their opinions and advice into consideration. This was not always a good thing, but I will talk about that in another post.
  • I re-evaluated my business. Knowing that Made By 5 would be my primary source of income, I had to make sure it would actually generate income.
  • I downsized. I got rid of my Made By 5 office space and moved everything into my tiny NYC 1 bedroom apartment. Eventually I got a small storage space for supplies and all the baby items we weren’t using.

What’s Next?

Made By 5 is NOW and NEXT.

Sometimes when my mind wanders, I start to think about my Plan B (part time job, other business ventures, going back to work full time). But, those thoughts are very short lived. I remind myself that if I put all my thoughts, time and energy into Made By 5, the money will come eventually.

For now, I am taking advantage of all the time I get to spend with my son, while still being able to build my brand.