5 Things you can learn from Cardi B

Just like Cardi B, I grew up in the Bronx, NY. The Bronx runs deep through my veins. I love The Bronx and couldn’t imagine growing up anywhere else.

When I discovered Cardi B on Instagram in 2014, I could relate to the Regular Degular Schmegular girl from the Bronx. Her personality reminded me of myself and her lifestyle was similar to people around me.

Since then, Cardi B has become a household name. So much has changed since Cardi’s days of stripping and making funny videos on social media.

Here are 5 things you can learn from Cardi B:

1. Find Your Team- Cardi B is signed to Atlantic Records, but before signing her big deal she found a team that was dedicated to her success. Cardi B has a manager, assistant, stylist, nail tech, etc.

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to be bomb AF.

Although I am a solopreneur and I do most things myself, I have a team that I check in with periodically to keep me on track. I take master classes, have a mentor, a tax preparer, and business besties. They are all members of my team.  

When you’re looking for a team:

  • Choose them wisely
  • Keep them close
  • Treat them with honor and respect 

Most importantly, when the money starts rolling in PAY THEM.

If you don’t have anyone on your team, you are not dreaming big enough. Your dreams should be so big that it’s going to take a team to accomplish.

2. Rep Your Set- It’s a known fact that Cardi B is a member of the infamous Blood gang, but that’s not what I’m talking about when I say Rep Your Set.

I’m talking about the Bardi Gang. The Bardi Gang is the name of Cardi B’s fan base. Cardi B’s fans are elite. They are just as elite as the Rihanna Navy and the Beyhive. Cardi B’s fans love her, follow her every move, know everything about her and SUPPORT her. Cardi B is forever grateful to her fans and she has thanked the Bardi Gang multiple times on social media.

Find your set, give them a name, and REP them. Rep them hard.

3. Change is OK- I am a day 1 Cardi B fan, so I know a lot about Cardi B before Bodak Yellow, Love and Hip Hop and her mixtapes.

Did you know that Cardi B used to sell cosmetics?

Cardi B had a cosmetic line called Washpoppin’ By Cardi B. She sold lip gloss and eye shadow.

Although she always wanted to be an entertainer she tried other things while she was following her true passion.

It’s ok to try different things. It’s ok to end one thing and start something new. It’s ok to do two different things. It’s even ok to have a job while you work on your passion. The path to accomplishing a goal will be different for everyone.

For the longest time I struggled with this because I did not want to seem like a failure. Then I realized I worked too hard to stay the same. As I grew and evolved, I built up enough courage to quit my job, and start working on new endeavors.

4. Dress to Be Remembered Cardi B makes a statement when she needs to. Whether it’s a TV appearance, red carpet or magazine cover, Cardi B comes dressed to impress.

Cardi B has had the honor of being dressed by some of the heavy hitters in the fashion industry, and even has her own shoe line with Steve Madden.

Cardi B loves her labels, but makes it know that she can make anything look good. She still wears Fashion Nova and Forever 21.

Although she is becoming a fashion icon, Cardi B makes it known she walks through the airport with her purple blanket and U (regular, degular, schmegular).

Being more stylish and fashion forward is something I am working on. The moment I get a certain amount of money, I am hiring a stylist. I have never been the best dressed and now that I am a work at home mom, I have to make a conscious effort to show up and show out (blah).  

5. Live Within Your Means- Cardi B did not grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has been on her own since she was 17 years old and knows how to stretch a dollar.

In her early social media days Cardi made a video (one of my favs) about not getting her teeth fixed because she was cheap and had to have a certain amount of money before she got them fixed (she obviously reached that goal.. ping).

One of Cardi’s favorite quotes is “learn how to budget, hoe”


Celebrate!- In the past 4 years Cardi B has set some goals, worked her ass off, and made a few dollars.

Now that she is comfortable with her bank account she has been doing some celebrating. Cardi B showers her mom with gifts, bought herself a Bentley and still frequents the strip club to make it rain on strippers and bartenders.

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After you accomplish your goals and make some money make sure you CELEBRATE. It will be well deserved.