5 Gifts to Give First Time Moms (Before The Baby Shower)
Being a first time mom can be newness overload. Help a first time mom adjust to all the new things in her life by giving gifts before the shower and way before the baby arrives. These small gifts will help any new mom throughout her pregnancy and will help with her adjustment to her new role… MOM.
1. Pregnancy Pillow– Help any pregnant woman sleep at night and she will love you FOREVER. Give a Pregnancy Pillow as early as the first trimester and not only will she find ways to use it throughout her entire pregnancy, she can use it once the baby is born.
2. Pregnancy Journal– Encourage your pregnant friend to preserve as many memories during this special time. Gifting her with a pregnancy journal/ memory box is a great way to help her keep all her memories together. Don’t forget to remind her to write in it or print pictures throughout the months (pregnancy brain is a real thing).
3. Expected Mom-to-Be Book– There are 1000 books on what to expect throughout your pregnancy, but very few on what to expect once the baby is here. Kelly Rowland has a great book for new moms. It’s scary, funny, real, and full of great advice.
4. Food Gift Cardas Mom-to-be gets further along in her pregnancy it gets harder for her to share basic household responsibilities. By the 3rd trimester, she will appreciate having gift cards to order her favorite food, healthy food, and quick meals. Gifting a food gift card will help ease stress for both mom and dad-to-be.
5. Gifts for Dad– Pregnancy is a time when most of the focus is on the baby and Mom-to-be (rightfully so). Dad-to-be can get lost in the mix and feel a bit neglected. Find out what the dad likes and send him a small gift to remind him he matters in the process. Here are some ideas.
Which gift would you give your favorite mom-to-be?